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5G costR●estrictions● on Chinese

f○irms could drive■ up 5G

ufacture●rs, accordi●ng to an in○dustrial report.T◆he report b○y the GSM Associatio●n, which rep〓resents 750◆ mobile operato○rs worldwide, sa〓id Ericsson,◆ Nokia and Samsun●g, the non-Chinese○ cont

enders in ■the 5G market, ●do not have the ca◆pacity to han●dle all of the sh●ift from 3G an■d 4G networks● to 5G in Eu〓rope while honoring● contracts alr●eady signed in Nort○h America and ○Asia.Huawei and ZTE〓 account for■ about 40 pe〓r


cent of the EU mark●et, and Hu〓awei is "currently◆ a pioneer ●in 5G technolog■y", according● to the GSM analys〓is, first reported b●y Reuters and ■Agence France-Presse○ on Friday."A ban on○ Chinese vendors wou〓ld severel◆y lessen competi○tion in the mobil●e equipment mark◆et, increasing◆ prices and driving● additiona


l◆ 5G rollout costs◆," the rep〓ort said. It pr〓edicted that ◆a ban would "re■sult in slower rollo●ut of 5G networks ◆in Europe and◆ reduced takeup, 〓which would furth〓er increase● the productivity ◆gap between ●the EU and th〓e US".US Pr●esident Donald Trum○p signed an execu〓tive order o■n May 15 to ban t〓he technolo●gy and services of "■foreign adversarie〓s" deemed to ●pose national

ion) for 5G■ ne

rchases f〓rom top

s●ecurity ri○sks. The US C●ommerce Depa◆rtment consequent◆ly added Hu

awei○ and 70 affi◆liates to i○ts Entity L●ist, banning Hua○wei from buy◆ing parts and techn●ology from US ○firms without gov●ernment ap●proval. The US〓 later granted a 90-○day reprieve o■f the ban.Last week,● Trump and● Secretary

of○ State Mike ●Pompeo conti●nued to pressure E■U leaders t■o follow suit 〓or face conseque◆nces, such◆ as by Washington ha■lting US intel●ligence sharin◆g.Many in Euro■pe have conclud●ed that the U◆S placed the ban● on Huawei in o〓rder to curtail ?/p>

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